Twinkle Tush: Bedazzle Your Cat's Butt! (VIDEO)This is a real thing. Beware.
E-List: Valentine Gifts For Your BootyIf you don’t have a valentine don’t worry you gotta booty that loves you. Even though you sit on it everyday!
E's News: Rihanna Booty PIC (NSFW)Badgirlriri is "back at it". Literally.
Web Junk: In the Trunk! Big Butts Are Smarter & HealthierYou got a donk? It's a good thing!!! Me too!
The Situation: Butt DialedYou know that awkward moment your butt hits your phone and accidentally calls your boss and they overhear everything you said about them... yeah hopefully that didn't happen to you like it did to our listeners! At least it worked out for Jim, he got a raise!
Beyonce Butt Tap - Queen B says NO WAY!
Justin Bieber mooned usIf you happen to follow the Biebs on Instagram... you would have seen that there was a full moon last night! Yes his butt.
Bubba Show: Is Shelley's Butt As Big As Kim Kardashian's?Do these jeans make Shelley's Butt look big like Kim Kardashian?
The Situation: Discount for best butt?There is a restaurant in Texas that allows you to receive small discounts for "joke reasons"...
Bubba Show: Do You Think Kim Kardashian's Butt Real Or FakeDo you think that Kim Kardashian's butt is real or been surgically enhanced.

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