Beyonce Is Ready For The Twins!Take a look at these pictures from the Carter party over the weekend!
WATCH: Amber Heard and Johnny Depp Apologize to AustraliaThis is painful to watch.
How Many Girls Do YOU See In This Instagram Photo?Can you give us an answer on how many girls you see in this photo? Click here to see it!
Easy (And DELICIOUS!) Cookie Dough Dip (VIDEO)*commence salivating*
English Bull Dog With Half A Body Will Literally Melt Your HeartThis dog will melt your heart. You will NOT be able to stop talking about him. Look here.
Mom Shames Her Daughter Over Lies Regarding FacebookThis Mom shames her daughter in this viral video after she finds out her daughter has lied about facebook. Look here.
How To Make Ice Cream With 2 Ingredients (VIDEO)This looks like something even I could do!
Bra Tricks To Make The Ta-Ta's Look Bigger (VIDEO)So easy & simple! Enjoy!
Babies Try Sour Foods For The First Time (VIDEO)This is both adorable and hilarious!
Guys Watch 'The Notebook' For The First Time (VIDEO)If you're a bird, I'm a bird!
Before & After: Rescue Dog Transformations! (VIDEO)There is Sara McLaughlin involved in this montage, I promise.
Dog Looks IDENTICAL To John Travolta! (PICTURE)Something you will can't unsee.

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