Celebrities React To Hearing They Will Receive Stars on The Hollywood Walk of FameI'm not crying, you're crying.
Season 20 'Dancing With The Stars' Cast Revealed!'Stars' is used in a very loose way here.
E's News: Twitter Reacts To Robin Williams' Death"Genie, you're free."
Who Has the Worst Celebrity Mug Shot?It's mugshot vs. mugshot - you decide who has the worst one. Click here and make your picks.
WATCH Celebrities Read MEAN TweetsTwitter is awesome in that you can talk to all of your favorite celebrities and sometimes they talk back! WOOHOO! RETWEET! However some people use it to say some pretty mean stuff. Check out what Jimmy Kimmel had the celebs do with those tweets...
Hollywood Reacts to 'Not Guilty' Verdict on Twitter
Murder Was The Case: Top 10 Celebrities Arrested For Homicidal Tendencies
10 Celebrities Who Kicked Cancer's Butt
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