Dear Scott: Wife Says Take All Of Your Sick Days Whether You Are Sick Or Not
Web Junk: A Toddler's Reaction to the ColdThis 4-year-old explains exactly how we've been feeling about the cold!
Dear Scott Email: Thermostat Debate Rages
E-List: Signs You're OVER WinterWell who isn't over winter yet? Snowmen? It’s hard not to complain about the weather especially when you look forward to highs in the 30’s and 40’s!
Would You Rather ... ? (The Winter Weather Edition)Decide which scenario would you rather deal with during cold, winter weather? Click here.
E-List: Top Things YOU Cuddle with in the ColdIt was ONE COLD ahh night! Hopefully you had something to snuggle up with! Here are the...
Web Junk: BREAD AND MILK!Brace yourselves the bitter cold is coming and everyone will be a running... to the grocery store!
Bubba Show: Temperatures All Over Western PaWe asked you to send us pics of your car thermometers from this morning, and wow is it cold outside. Check out the different temps in different neighborhoods

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