One Direction's New Perfume Commercial For 'Between Us' (VIDEO)Really cute-- just like them!
Latest 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Trailer! (VIDEO)So naughty.
GoDaddy 'Lost Puppy' Commercial For Big Game (VIDEO)
Kim Kardashian's T-Mobile Ad For Super Sunday (VIDEO)Not quite sure she realizes T-Mobile is making fun of her-- which makes it awesome!
Dove's New Ad For Big Game Celebrates Dads! (VIDEO)*commence happy tears*
Weird Al Reps Radioshack in New Holiday Ad: WatchYankovic has done a non-sarcastic ad for the electronics store.
WEBTASTIC: Gatorade Makes PERFECT Ad For Derek Jeter! *chills* (VIDEO)You don't have to like Jeter to LOVE this commercial!
WEBTASTIC: Commercial FAIL! Missouri Mall Produces Hilariously Bad Spot! (VIDEO)"BACKPACKS! BACKPACKS! COME AND GET YOUR BACKPACKS!"
WEBTASTIC: Guy Proposes In Commercial During World Cup! (VIDEO)Corny but cute!
Web Junk: Calls For Dad "Dove" Commercial[youtube]
Web Junk: #UpForWhatever Bud Light Super Bowl CommercialBud Light's Super Bowl 2014 commercial follows one guy who was truly #UpForWhatever! What happens to him was pretty epic...
Web Junk: Anna Kendrick's Non-Big Game CommercialAnna Kendricks was ALLLLMOST in a Super Bowl commercial for Newcastle Brown Ale and this is what happened instead...

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