Baby Claps Hands In Ultrasound! (VIDEO)This is NUTS! Baby has got some moves!
Girl LOSES HER MIND When She Gets One Direction Tix! (VIDEO)I was a tween once, I totally get it.
Avalanche Waterslides Creates Slide With A LOOP & Record Breaking Vertical Drop! (VIDEO)Because there is NO way this will end badly.
WEBTASTIC: Guy Plays CRAZY Prank On His Phone-Snooping Girlfriend! (VIDEO)Well, that escalated quickly.
WEBTASTIC: Woman Explains Why 'Monster' Energy Drink Is Satanic! WHAT?! (VIDEO)Drugs are bad, kids.
WEBTASTIC: Woman Spends $20,000 For Third Breast To Turn Off Men! (PICTURE)Only in Florida, folks!
E-List: The "People" Of ChristmasYou’re getting ready to meet “the family”. That’s a big deal. You’ll probably run into some parents like these and the people of Christmas!
He's a Merman!If you’ve ever watched TLC's My Crazy Obsession... you know these people are cray... they eat hair. This guy is obsessed with Mermaids...
Products We’d Like To See Get The ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ TreatmentLive your life the 'Fifty Shades of Grey' way. Here's what we think should be coming next with the book's name on it.
Justin Timberlake Returns To Studio With TimbalandHe may not be bringing “Sexy Back” yet again, but he is bringing us a new album!
You Have To Be Crazy If You're A Storm Chaser
Ten Of The Craziest Fad Diets (That You Should Probably Never Try)

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