Man Concocts (And Shares) Perfect Tinder Message RecipeA man has found the perfect Tinder pick up line that gets guaranteed responses.
Study Concludes Nice Guys Don't Always Finish LastYou've heard the saying 'nice guys finish last'. That may not be true any longer, at least according to one study.
Dear Scott: He Dated My Worst Enemy, But Does His "We Were On A Break" Excuse Cut It?
Bubba Show What Went Wrong: Patty & johnPatty thought they had a great first date. John never called her after that. So whatwent wrong?
Taylor Swift (May) Have A New Manfriend! (PICTURE)No surprise, his ridiculously good looking.
Katie Holmes Photographed Holding Hands With New Man!Speculated and NOW confirmed!
Emma Watson's (Rumored) New Boyfriend Is...I am oozing jealousy & happiness.
Bubba Show: What Went Wrong - Holly & RobHave you ever been out on a first date and thought it went great? But then you NEVER HEARD FROM HIM AGAIN!?
WEBTASTIC: Pittsburgh's Joe Manganiello Has A New Celebrity GirlfriendFirst Zac Efron now THIS?! How are the women of the world supposed to deal with this kind of stress!
WEBTASTIC: Zac Efron's New Celeb Girlfriend?! SAY IT AIN'T SO! (PICTURE)Zac Efron off the market?! NOW WHO IS GOING TO BE MY HUSBAND!?
WEBTASTIC: Sandra Bullock Dating Younger (Sexy) Actor! GO 'HEAD GIRLFRIEND! NO SHAME IN YOUR GAME!
Pittsburgh Named One Of The Least Open-Minded Cities For DatingZoosk unveiled the most and least open-minded cities in America... guess where Pittsburgh fell!

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