#NationalTequilaDay: Make These Boozy Summer Drinks NowHappy National Tequila Day! Grab some salt and ice, check out the best tequila spots in the Burgh, and try these special summer drinks!
Food Finds: Daiquiri DayI can't tell you the last time I had a daiquiri and that's a problem! We can solve that today. It's National Daiquri Day!
Food Finds: Fried Lasagna Burger & Pinata Cake My ice cream is back and I have the perfect cake to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with!
E-List: The Worst Places To Be HungoverWe've all been there... (if not you haven't lived) you wake up and you have no idea where you are, how you got there, and your hugging the porcelain throne.
Let's Talk... Avril Chad Don't Drink Without Eachother Yep O Starry Night artist Avril Lavigne made a promise with her husband, Chad Kroeger that they would NOT drink without each other.
E-List: Things You Only Do When Getting REAL TipsyThere are times everything seems perfect and all your dreams are about to come true... and that time tends to come with a drink in your hand.
TRUE LIFE: I Drink Too Much & It’s NOT What You Think...I have a solid 5 cups sitting at my desk, three of which I bring into studio and that’s where it get’s serious. I drank seven cups of tea last night, four bottles of water ( that I refill...Gotta save the environment!), three cups of coffee in the morning, and we won’t count what I drank after work ( let’s just say it was Pumking flavored). It’s a miracle my bladder hasn’t exploded during the E-List in the seven o’clock hour (where I talk in between all of the songs).
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