E-List: Things You Miss About Summer As A KidBeing a kid in the summer is awesome. You kids have no idea how good you have it!
E-List: Things You Should NEVER Say to a Single PersonAlright enough. Us single folk don't want to hear any of this!
E-List: Things You Only Do When Getting REAL TipsyThere are times everything seems perfect and all your dreams are about to come true... and that time tends to come with a drink in your hand.
E-List: Last Minute Costume IdeasIt is awkward if you show up and are the only dressed up, however it is MORE AWKWARD being the only one NOT dressed up. Who are you?!!! Myself. No one. Oh. About that. Made that mistake once ( I was dressed up) they were not.
E-List: Taylor's TOP ExesBeing Taylor Swift it's not a surprise she gets to date the hottest guys in the biz! Here are my fav!
E-List: The Rules of Instagram… Top Do’s and Don’ts Ever pull up your instagram and you see the SAME pictures of somebody's baby or the selfie of the same chick for the 3,000th time? It drives me nuts too! Have no fear we have the top Do's and Don't of Instagram here!
E-List: More Reasons Why Pittsburgh Fans are better than Philly's
E-List: Decisions we all should make more oftenEver do something you haven’t in awhile then realize WOW I should do this more often…. That’s exactly how I felt when I started listening to the thong song this morning… These are the "Decisions We All Should Make More Often"
Trending Topic Tuesday E-List: Back to school back to school!
E-LIST: Pittsburghese

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