Dogs Get Revenge On Elf On The ShelfLook out Elf On The shelf these dogs are not happy with you!
Kids Receive The Best Gift Ever From The Elf On The Shelf
Meet the Pittsburgh Steelers #ElfOnTheShelfThe Pittsburgh Steelers had a visitor from the North Pole! They asked Steelers Nation for help naming him and the response was ho ho holarious...
ELF On The Shelf Creative Ideas....Well, it may help you or make you frustrated. Here are 33 ideas for you to help move your ELF ON THE SHELF!
Your Photos: #BubbaShowElfOnTheShelfTweet your Elf on the Shelf pics to Bubba Show @StarPittsburgh. Use the hashtag #BubbaShowElfOnTheShelf. Check out the photos we've collected so far.
Melanie's Elf On The Shelf Is Named StanWith 14 days until Christmas our Elf On The Shelf has been super busy in our house. My girls names our Elf "Stan." Do you do this tradition in your home?

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