The Most AWKWARD Wedding Proposal Fail At McDonald's (VIDEO)I am literally sweating from the amount of cringing I am doing.
Mariah Carey Crazy Lip Sync FAIL! (VIDEO)May be time to put down the ol' mic Mariah.
WEBTASTIC: Groom DROPS Bride As They Enter Their Wedding Reception! HILARIOUS! (VIDEO)OUCH!
Web Junk: ALS Ice Bucket Challenge FailsSo awesome to see everyone taking the #ALSIceBucketChallenge just be careful not to well too late for these peeps!
WEBTASTIC: Parallel Parking Fail! When You Think Your Bad At It, WATCH THIS! (VIDEO)I have seen a lot of people screw up parallel parking-- this is the mother ship of those screw-ups.
WEBTASTIC: Bride Attached Baby To Wedding Dress Train And Dragged Her Down The Aisle! (PICTURE)Sometimes, I really wonder about people.
Web Junk: Mother's Day Breakfast in Bed FAILYou have to watch these boys attempt to bring their Momma breakfast in bed!
Web Junk: Wheel Of Fortune FAILIt was pretty clear what was on this girl's mind...
Web Junk: Tuba ScreamYou would think something is seriously wrong when you hear this tuba player shriek! As if he is some bad horror film. It's so funny though I wouldn't be surprised if he had wet pants after this.
Web Junk: When Twerking Goes Wrong #BurnCan you twerk? If so let's see you do it! Just whatever you do don't do what this girl did...
Wavey Wedding Proposal Sign from Above?They may want to rethink their engagement. Something tells me someone from above is saying this isn't a good idea. Watch this wave crash one of the most important days of their lives!
Hooters Girl Picks Up Live Baseball #FAILFind out what this Hooters girl does with a live baseball... it's not what you think!

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