Groom Pranks Bride Into Thinking Waiters Destroyed The Cake (VIDEO)I would have DIED.
Baby Fake Cries When Dad Tries To Cut Her Nails (VIDEO)This is ADORABLE!
Teenage Girl Fakes Being Pregnant With Triplets For 10 Months (PICTURE)I wish I was making this up.
Man Dresses Up As Fake Soldier On Black Friday To Get Deals, Real Soldier Confronts Him (VIDEO)This is SICKENING.
E's News: Demi Lovato's NUDE pix Real OR Fake?!Pictures of so-called "Demi Lovato nude" were leaked today...
Let's Talk... Christmas Trees! Real OR Fake?!Turkey goes down. TREE goes up! I asked my friend Kiley today if she puts up a real or fake Christmas tree and her response... "WE DON'T PUT ONE UP! Haven't for years!"
Manti Te'o's "Imaginary girlfriend" lands on MAXIM's HOT 100! HAHA We got some genius' on our hands over there at Maxim Magazine! Look who came in at #69!
Viral Video: Baby Playing The Guitar: Real Or Fake?!

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