This Lady Is Here To Tell You That 'Leggings Ain't Pants' (VIDEO)We can all relate.
Starbucks Debuts First New Fall Drink In 4 Years (PICTURE)It almost looks too good to drink...JUST KIDDING!
The BEST Fall Accessory Is A Flask ScarfLet's be honest this is the ONLY fall accessory you need...
#EList: Top Fall DecorIf you're not into hanging ghosts, cobwebs, and dead bodies, this might bring some fall "spirit" to your haus!
E-LIST: Things Girls are Trying to Do in the Fall but it’s Still Too HotHA! Nice try. Silly you for putting away those shorts and tank tops.
E-List: Things Everybody Loves About Fall But YOU Hate...Ahhhhh it's about that fall time. The brisk cold air and your neighbor are blowing leaves, your house reeks of an apple cider candle, and you can't walk into any store without it throwing up Autumn. HAPPY FALL! But not all of us are fans...
WEBTASTIC: 'Pumpkin Spice' Oreos Are A Thing! NOM NOM NOM! (PICTURE)Pies, lattes, candles, cookies...the options are limitless.
Web Junk: Fall Boyfriend Craigslist AdTwo girls put up a personal ad on Craigslist for "fall boyfriends" and their demands are hilarious...
EList: Top Things Women Love To Do In The FallIt's about that fall time ladies... we've been waiting for since last autumn!
WEBTASTIC: Sea Lion Plays With Little Girl, Concerned When She Falls (VIDEO)Is it possible to adopt a pet sea lion?
So Fresh & So Green: Top 10 Fall Superfoods (& Why They Are Good For You)

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