FebYOUary 28th, Featured Listener: NikkiI'm Nikki and I'm from Penn Hills. I love Pittsburgh sports and music. My favorite songs are mostly from the 90s; I love Backstreet Boys, Nsync and Hootie and the Blowfish. Find out more about Nikki...
FebYOUary 27th, Featured Listener: EmmyMy name is Emmy Rad and I love life. I love living it to the fullest. I enjoy spending time with my many friends. Find out more about Emmy...
FebYOUary 26, Featured Listener: MindyHi! My name is Mindy - I live in Butler and I represent the moms of the majority of your listeners. Find out more about Mindy!
FebYOUary 22, Featured Listener: MaryI’m Mary and I live here in the ‘Burgh. My favorite hobbies are going to comedy shows, concerts, and Pittsburgh sporting events. Mumford and Sons and the Lumineers are among my favorite bands, but I love to get down to the Biebs every now and again.
FebYOUary 21, Featured Listener: Timmy
FebYOUary 19th, Featured Listener: DeAnnaHey! It's DeAnna from Belle Vernon. I have an undying love for the Pittsburgh Penguins, win or lose. I have two cats, Lord Stanley & Lady Byng. And I also enjoy oogling over Adam Levine... so back off Melanie!
FebYOUary 18th, Featured Listener: Jasin
FebYOUary 17th, Featured Listener: Jack The DogMy name is Jack. I am a blonde schnauzer living in Whitehall. Most of my time is spent barking at random sounds in the house and causing chaos with Mini Cat and Tiger Cat. I do not enjoy long walks, I rather you just give me a treat.
FebYOUary 16th, Featured Listener: SarahI'm Sarah and my hometown is of course the 'Burgh. I really enjoy photography and making people laugh, two of the best stress-curers! Some of my favorite bands are The Black Keys, One Direction (I'm one of those) and Imagine Dragons.
FebYOUary 15th, Featured Listener: AdriannaHi! I'm Adrianna, and I recently graduated from Penn State University with a B.S. in Industrial Engineering. I am lucky enough to call Pittsburgh my hometown. I love skiing and spending quality time with friends and family. I love Shelley's "Dirty on the Thirty."
FebYOUary 14th, Featured Listener: RudyHi! My name is Rudy! I am a 20 year old sophomore at Point Park University. I love to dance and quote Pitch Perfect. I stay acca-awesome with my acca-people. Holllllaaaaa
FebYOUary 13th, Featured Listener: Alexandra

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