First Date Goes Downhill Fast With Awkward Kiss Cam Moment (VIDEO)I AM CRINGING SO HARD.
Kid Running In T-Rex Costume Is What You Need Today (VIDEO)Why can I NOT stop laughing?!
Junior Reporter Xiah Interviews Steelers Defense (VIDEO)Can someone get this kid on ESPN?!
Seal Jumps on Man's Boat & Snuggles Up (VIDEO)No big deal, just me and my seal buddy!
This Little Boy Says He DEFINITELY Didn't Eat The Cupcake (VIDEO)He's so cute you WANT to believe him.
Pitbulls Know Exact Moment They Are In Trouble (VIDEO)This is AWESOME!
Mom's Hidden Camera Finds Dad Dancing To Katy Perry (VIDEO)He nailed EVERY WORD.
Celebrities Read Mean Tweets About Themselves Live (VIDEO)This cracked me up for an embarrassing amount of time.
Mom Scares Daughter With New Snapchat Update (VIDEO)I imagine this is the kind of mother I will be.
Justin Timberlake Tries To Write Theme Song For Seth Meyers (VIDEO)'J to the I to the M M Y'
Conan Suggests Other New Buttons For Facebook (VIDEO)'70% offended, 30% aroused'
Little Girl Is Literally Scared Of Her Own Shadow (VIDEO)Poor thing, I can't help but laugh.

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