E's News: Justin Bieber On The Cover of GQ MagazineDid Justin Bieber keep his clothes on for the cover of GQ Magazine? Find out here!
Taylor Swift's Interview For GQ Magazine (VIDEO)1989 was inspired by WHAT?
E's News: Katy Perry on the GQ CoverGirl is looking fiiiiiiiiiiine on the cover of GQ Magazine!
One Direction Talk Groupies & Booze In GQ Magazine, Fans Send Death ThreatsThe gelding quintet One Direction landed on the cover of the September issue of British GQ and opened up to the magazine, among other topics, tour bus rules, groupies and booze. And then, as logic would dictate, One Direction fans sent death threats to the magazine on Twitter.
Tim Tebow On The Cover Of GQ MagazineHave you seen the picture of Tim Tebow in GQ Magazine? Well you should. Yes, he IS another pretty face, along with everything else.
Scarlett Johansson Crowned Babe Of The Year

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