A Young Prince William Called His Grandma The Queen 'Gary'Prince William had a hilarious nickname for his Grandma, Queen Elizabeth II.
Grandma Gets An IPhone & She's NOT Happy About It! (VIDEO)In all fairness, they are a little tough to get used to. ;)
WEBTASTIC: Guy Shaves Beard That His Grandma Hates For Her 100th Birthday! (VIDEO)Gotta love a guy that keeps his promises!
WEBTASTIC: Grandma's Favorite Song Is By Lil Jon! HYSTERICAL! (VIDEO)I wonder if she knows what the words ACTUALLY mean?!
Web Junk: Mom Reacts to Pregnant Daughter NewsSURPRISE! You're going to be a Grandma! Watch this soon-to-be Grandma receive the good news!
E-List: The "People" Of ChristmasYou’re getting ready to meet “the family”. That’s a big deal. You’ll probably run into some parents like these and the people of Christmas!
Web Junk: Grandma Beer Bongs!PENN STATE wins! Grandma wins! WATCH Grandma funnel a beer out of the beer bong here!
Justin Timberlake 'Mirrors' Tearjerker VideoThis even made JT's Grandma cry!

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