Liam Hemsworth's New Hair Is Out Of A 90's Teen RomCom! (PICTURE)He could have a bald head and still be sexy, let's be honest.
Web Junk: Miley's New DooWe see a lot of sides of Miley and this is one I don't think should have happened... to her hair!
Trending Topic Tuesday: The Sexiest HairstylesOWW OWW! It's that time of the year again where errbody needs to get their ears lowered or just gets really hot and decides to chop it all off! YOUR HAIR! YES! Let's see some summer bleach blonde in that haircut! HOLD UP! Before you decide to go all Pedro on us check out this survey to see the sexiest girl and guy cuts!
The Biebs has a new doo! Am I the only one who thinks Justin Bieber's new haircut is pretty cute? It might look similar to that of Miley Cyrus, Pink, and Rihanna, but the guy can rock it! What do you think? Check out his new bleach shaved look here!
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Justin Bieber Donating His Hair To Charity
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Who’s your look-a-like? For Justin it’s Carol.

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