Police Officer Sings Adele's "Hello" Unaware He Left Body Camera OnHello... we can hear you! Listen to this police officer belt out Adele's "Hello"!
Adele Touring The U.S.Adele is crossing the pond, rolling into the deep to make her way over to the states to tour!
This Baby Is All Of Us Singing Adele's MusicBaby Bexlee Marie interprets Adele the way we all do! SO CUTE!
Adele's 'Hello' Has Opposite Of Usual Reaction On Upset Toddler (VIDEO)It's IMMEDIATE.
Pitt Basketball Team Lip dub Adele's "Hello" & Justin Bieber's "What Do You Mean?"Pack the Pete is back! Help out the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank when you come to the Pitt basketball games. Check out the team's lip dubs of Adele and Justin Bieber!
Student's Cover Of Adele's 'Hello' Is The Only Thing You Need Today (VIDEO)It's just SO good.
Web Junk: The Cutest Response To Adele's "Hello"When Adele calls and says "Hello" this kid gives the cutest response!
Adele's Makeup-Free 'Rolling Stone' Cover Is Just Amazing As She Is (PICTURE)The queen is back, baby!
Ellen Spoofs Adele's "Hello"According to Ellen she had a missed connection with Adele that inspired her new music video... HILARIOUS WATCH!
AMAZING! 7-Week Old Baby Says 'Hello'(VIDEO)HOLY COW! This is awesome!
'Mrs. Doubtfire' AttacksElista dresses up as Mrs. Doubtfire and smashes your favorite CBS Pittsburgh personalities with shaving cream
Top 5 "Glee" Musical Performances

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