Pittsburgh Penguins Channel Their Inner 'Elf' in 2016 Holiday Video
Kelly Clarkson's Christmas Card Wins This Holiday Season (PHOTO)They NAILED it!
The Yinzer Gift Guide Is Here!For the yinzer in your life!
ABC Family Releases '25 Days Of Christmas' Movie LineupDecember 1st, I'm going to need you to get here faster.
Pretzel Crazy: DELICIOUS Holiday Treats Delivered To Your Door!10% off your ENTIRE order with discount code KELLY!
Pittsburgh Penguins' Holiday E-Card! (VIDEO)And a 'Christmas Vacation' theme? PERFECT!
BEST Local Places To Shop This Holiday Season (Courtesy of Yelp! Pittsburgh)Support local business' and get unique gifts at the SAME time! WIN, WIN!
WEBTASTIC: Pregnant Thanksgiving Turkey Prank! (VIDEO)"MOM! THIS ISN'T FUNNY! I'M CRYING!"
Full Schedule Of Holiday Movies & Shows On TV This Season!Too early or not early enough??!
Entire Town Celebrates Christmas Early For Little Boy With Days To Live (VIDEO)Brave people with big hearts.
You Can Win 'Starbucks' FOR LIFE! (VIDEO)The caffeine addict in me LOSING HER MIND!
Dear Scott: I Broke Off The Engagement But The Ring Is Still Mine, Right?

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