Horrendous Reactions To Homeless Man Giving Out Money (VIDEO)This is just so, so sad.
WEBTASTIC: Magician Rips Up Homeless Man's Sign Then BLOWS YOUR MIND! (VIDEO)Instant smile!
WEBTASTIC: Homeless Guy Survives By Going Home With Women! (VIDEO)You wouldn't be coming home with me Joe! That's a fact.
Miley Cyrus' Homeless VMA Date, Jesse Helt, Has an Arrest WarrantWhile the homeless teen made quite an impact on this year's MTV gala, his heightened profile has brought lingering legal issues to light.
WEBTASTIC: NYC Hairstylist Gives Free Cuts To Homeless People On Sundays! (PICTURE)I think we could all learn a little something from this fabulous man.
WEBTASTIC: 2 Homeless Men Arm Wrestle For Money, What Happened? Not What You Expect! (VIDEO)Happy endings are my favorite.
Web Junk: Homeless ProposalThis guy proposed to his girlfriend while she was helping feed the homeless.
Web Junk: Guy Gives Homeless What They Want For ChristmasIt's awesome seeing people do nice things for others especially during the holidays. Watch what happens after this guy asks homeless people what they want for Christmas.

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