Man Charged After Saving Small Dog From Hot Car (VIDEO)This boils my blood.
McDonalds Unveils New 'Hamburglar' (PICTURE)Why is he hot? THIS DOESN'T MAKE SENSE!
E-LIST: Things Girls are Trying to Do in the Fall but it’s Still Too HotHA! Nice try. Silly you for putting away those shorts and tank tops.
WEBTASTIC: Woman Breaks Stranger's Window To Save Baby In Hot Car! (VIDEO)Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands.
E-LIST: Ways to Cool Off Without A PoolHow else do you keep cool all summer?!
Dear Scott Email: Thermostat Debate Rages
Web Junk: The Evolution of Joe Manganiello HOLY! You are not going to believe what Joe Manganiello used to look like! Talk about a throwback!
E-LIST: Things We Don't Want To See In Extreme HeatBetween an oil change, the gym, and an attempt at the pool, I saw A LOT of stuff I did not want to see in this extreme heat. We get it. It's hot. No need to see all of that flesh and them some.
E-LIST: #ThingsThatGetMadSweatyOOO yeah it's in the 90's here in the Burgh, and just when you thought you couldn't any more hot... you are now getting stuck to your seat, your thighs won't stop chaffing and your face looks like you just sprinted for the last sammich at Primanti's.
Celebs Without Teeth Not Hot...Sidney Crosby No Teeth...Still Hot!We all are cheering for a speedy recovery for you Sidney Crosby! Even though you're missing a few teeth... I gotta say you are still looking mighty fine! Actually I think it makes you look hotter! Can't say that about these celebs...

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