Bubba Show Warning: We Ruin Childhood Stories For YouMaybe you knew this. Maybe you didn't. I give you fair warning before you read this. I'm devastated after finding out the TRUTH behind some of my most beloved childhood stories.
Melanie Taylor: If Nicki Minaj Judges Idol I'm Tapping Out For GoodNicki Minaj looks to be the newest American Idol judge. I refuse to watch A.I. if this is true. Why? Her mouth is why. Did you read her tweets to fans? Unreal.
The Best Movie Of All Time Announced..What Is YoursSo, there is now a new number one movie of all times listed. So, that got me asking..what are your top 5? I asked Bubba and Shelley too!
Ashton Kutcher's New Gig Isn't Country It's Steve Jobs
Tweets Of The Day From "The Situation"
Stephen Colbert And Jimmy Fallon's Ice Cream Fight
Stars Talk New Years Resolutions For 2012
Who Wants To Make Justin Bieber A Movie Star?
Rihanna Without Make Up Talks Family Narrated By Jay Z
Muppets Dress Up For Twilight Movie Posters
Commercial Voted Worst Ad In 2011
Adele Cancels Her US Tour For Vocal Cord Issue

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