Jim Carrey Calls California Governor a 'Fascist' After Passing Mandatory Vaccination BillThe actor, who believes there is a link between vaccinations and autism, took to Twitter to let his 14 million followers know how much he truly hates the bill.
David Letterman's Final Broadcast Is Jam-Packed with Jokes, Stories & Special GuestsIf you thought the guests who've been appearing in the week's leading up to the final episode The Late Show with David Letterman, wait until you find out who stopped by on Letterman's final night.
Dirty On The 30: Wednesday, March 19, 2014\What has Donnie Wahlberg so upset and what movie is about to become the biggest animated movie of all time? Find out here in Dirty on the 30.
What We Learned On Twitter Today! (September 4, 2013)
Jim Carrey's Creepy Admission Of Love For Emma Stone
Jim Carrey Does BLACK SWAN On SNL
Jim Carrey Gets Big Ratings On SNL
Idol Gives Back Performers Announced
Jim Carrey & Jenny McCarthy Are A Couple No More

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