Little Girl Loses Her Mind When She Finds Out Adam Levine Is Married (VIDEO)I reacted a very similar way.
Dear Scott: My Boyfriend Wants Me To Flirt With His Boss To Get A Promotion
Dear Scott: Should I Ask My Husband For Permission To Cut My Hair?
Lady Gaga Is A WIFE?! Singer Has Commitment Ceremony In NYC!She is a LUCKY woman. Taylor Kinney is SMOKIN'!
WEBTASTIC: Donnie Wahlberg & Jenny McCarthy's Wedding Album! BEAUTIFUL! (PICTURES)FLAWLESS! Congrats to the Wahlberg's!
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Dear Scott Email: When You're Invited To A Family Wedding And Your Family Isn't
Dear Scott Email: "I Take Thee To Be My Lawfully Wedded Prenup"
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Justin Bieber is 'ENGAGED'I know everyone is hating on Justin Bieber right now for running around infront of his Grandma naked with a guitar (which really? that's funny!) but the boy does some good things once in awhile.
Lady Gaga rolling in gold and getting married?Wondering what the mother monster is up to? She is still recovering in this sweet golden rimmed wheelchair and might be getting married?! WHAAAT! Possibly even this summer!

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