New Chocolate Strawberry Oreos 'Amazing' But 'A Little Intense'Oreo has launched a new chocolate strawberry flavor that was received well.
New OREO Flavors!!!Just in time for bikini season, Oreo has released new flavors!
The New Oreo Flavor Is...So what you're saying is we can now eat Oreos for breakfast right?
How To Make Alcoholic Oreos (VIDEO)These look DELICIOUS!
New Flavor Of Oreo Could Be The BEST Yet! (PICTURE)Oreo, you never cease to amaze me.
How To Make Drunken Oreos! (VIDEO)I have a buzz just watching the tutorial. ENJOY!
Limited Edition Oreos Are Drool-Worthy! (PICTURE)Later! I've died & gone to red velvet heaven.
WEBTASTIC: 'Pumpkin Spice' Oreos Are A Thing! NOM NOM NOM! (PICTURE)Pies, lattes, candles, cookies...the options are limitless.
The Situation: OREO's New FlavorsOREOOOOOO OOO NOOOO you didn't!!! I swear Oreo must know I'm doing this challenge right now. Two new flavors are coming out of the Nabisco factory.
Tegan and Sara Team Up with Oreo and The Lonely IslandThe duo have just joined forces with The Lonely Island for the theme song to 'The LEGO Movie' as well as Oreo to be the voices of Oreo's Wonderfilled jingle commercial.
Owl City Sweetens Up Oreo Cookies' ‘Wonderfilled’ CampaignEven though Owl City singer Adam Young is proud of the jingle, many took to the Internet to denounce the commercial's cutesiness.

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