People Magazine Names The Rock 'Sexiest man Alive'People Magazine's annual pick for 'Sexiest man Alive' has been made and for the first time ever, they've chosen a bald man.
David Beckham Is People Magazine's 2015 'Sexiest Man Alive' (VIDEO)Is it hot in here or is it just DAVID BECKHAM!?!
Sandra Bullock Is People's 'Most Beautiful Woman 2015' (COVER HERE)At 50 years old, she is getting better with age. WHAT ARE YOUR SECRETS SANDRA?!
People Magazine Names Chris Hemsworth As 'Sexiest Man Alive'! (COVER HERE)It's not fair to be this good looking. It's just not.
WEBTASTIC: Angelina Jolie's Wedding Dress Photos! The New Mrs. Pitt! *sobs*Do you think it gets tiring being flawless?
WEBTASTIC: Pittsburgh's Own Joe Manganiello Named People's Hottest Bachelor!You have made your city VERY proud Mr.Manganiello, however will we repay you?? ;)
Let's Talk... Sexiest Man Alive in PittsburghAdam Levine IS the sexiest man alive, but dude is not here in the Burgh. :( WHO is the sexiest man in PITTSBURGH?! Nominate him now!
How Much Do You Think Kim K Weighs?Kim is saying she only weighs 140lbs. Gain weight sista! You are healthy, but is she lying about the actual weight?
Sugar Ray's Mark McGrath Won't Marry MelanieMark McGrath of Sugar Ray finally got married yesterday. I am quite certain what I said to him years ago made a lasting impression on him.
Melanie Taylor & Kim Kardashian Have Something In CommonI never thought I'd have something in common with Kim Kardashian. But, it looks like after this afternoon we will share a common accomplishment. Chomp Chomp!
Halloween Light Show 2011 & The President's Fears
Toddlers & Tiaras Parody With Leah Remini & Ashley Tisdale

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