Naya Rivera Thinks Showering Daily Is A 'White People Thing' (VIDEO)I'm....confused.
The Cutest Thing You'll Ever See A Dog Do...EVERThere is NO doubt in my mind this is the CUTEST video of a dog you will see all day or FOREVER for that matter. Look here!
E-List: The People of Valentine's Day <3Happy Valentine's Day! Guarantee you probably saw one of these people today...
E-List: The "People" Of ChristmasYou’re getting ready to meet “the family”. That’s a big deal. You’ll probably run into some parents like these and the people of Christmas!
Let's Talk... Sexiest Man Alive in PittsburghAdam Levine IS the sexiest man alive, but dude is not here in the Burgh. :( WHO is the sexiest man in PITTSBURGH?! Nominate him now!
WEBTASTIC: Jennifer Lawrence Moves Barricade To Greet Young Fan
What We Learned on Twitter Today! (October 23, 2013)
What We Learned on Twitter Today! (October 16, 2013)
Kris and Bruce Jenner- SPLIT UP!
E-LIST: Lies People Tell ThemselvesFace it in order to get through your day you gotta have little pep talk along the way.
E-List: The MOST Annoying PeopleIt’s one thing to annoy someone but those noisy loud overbearing late line cutting peeps drive us craaaazy! These are the MOST Annoying People!
Sugar Ray's Mark McGrath Won't Marry MelanieMark McGrath of Sugar Ray finally got married yesterday. I am quite certain what I said to him years ago made a lasting impression on him.

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