Pregnant Woman Destroys Cheating Husband's Car (VIDEO)This is karma rearing it's ugly head.
Pregnant Woman Dances Baby Down Between Contractions (VIDEO)GET IT GIRL!
Woman Seeking Man From One-Night Stand Who Left Her Pregnant (VIDEO)This is straight out of a movie-- let's find Natalie's baby daddy!
5-Year Old's Adorable Reaction To Becoming A Big Brother (VIDEO)His accent really tops off the cuteness factor.
E's News: Kelly Clarkson is 'Totally Pregnant Again'Baby #2 is happening for Kelly Clarkson!
Baby Claps Hands In Ultrasound! (VIDEO)This is NUTS! Baby has got some moves!
Kate Middleton Reveals Baby #2's Due DateSo soon! AHHH!!
Woman Dances To 'Thriller' To Induce Labor! (VIDEO)Hey! Whatever works, right?!
WEBTASTIC: Pregnant Thanksgiving Turkey Prank! (VIDEO)"MOM! THIS ISN'T FUNNY! I'M CRYING!"
WEBTASTIC: 42 Weeks Of Pregnancy In 1 Minute! Beautiful! (VIDEO)The air pump idea? GENIUS!
Jessica Biel Is Expecting First Child With Justin Timberlake!JT is going to be the HOTTEST DAD EVER.
WEBTASTIC: Blake Lively Is Pregnant! Her Adorable Baby Bump HERE! (PICTURE)Beautiful announcement from beautiful people!

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