What Song That You Didn't Write Do You Wish Was A Matchbox Twenty Song?"Aw that's hard, man," Rob tells the audience of the Baierl Acura Theater, "Probably something by either Springsteen or Petty. Maybe like 'American Girl'...or 'Jersey Girl' I'll take one of those two."
"If Somebody's Really Trashing Us But They Do It In A Very Funny Way, We Appreciate It" -Rob ThomasThe guys in Matchbox Twenty really do like to read their bad reviews. "If somebody's really trashing us but they do it in a very funny way, we appreciate it a little more than just somebody just saying nasty things" Rob Thomas tells the audience of the Baierl Acura Theater.
Leave It To Melanie To Discuss Shoes & Hair Styling Products With Rob & Kyle Of Matchbox TwentyHere are Rob & Kyle performing the next single from the Album, North, "Overjoyed" live in the Baierl Acura Theater.
Bonus Footage From Rob & Kyle Of Matchbox Twenty In The Baierl Acura TheaterCheck out Rob Thomas and Kyle Cook of Matchbox Twenty performing "She's So Mean" for us in the Baierl Acura Theater at 100.7 Star.
Rob Thomas Rolled His Eyes At MeLast time Rob Thomas was in Pittsburgh I asked him a question about dogs and football. So why did I get Rob's wrath?

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