Mom Scares Daughter With New Snapchat Update (VIDEO)I imagine this is the kind of mother I will be.
Dear Scott: Why Can't I Put My Kids In My Dating Profile Picture?
WEBTASTIC: Guy Jokes About Having Ebola On Airplane, Escorted Off Flight By Crew In Hazmat Suits (VIDEO)Because you know what's funny? EBOLA! *head shake*
Video: Hundred Acres Manor Scares BubbaWatch the atest Friday Morning Scare from Bubba Show
Web Junk: Giant Spider Dog Scares PeopleI hate spiders but love dogs, put them together and you get hilarity! Check out this dog dressed up as a giant mutant spider scaring the crap out of people!
Video: Bubba and Melanie Scare ShelleyOne of my favorite hobbies in the world is scaring Shelley Duffy! It just makes me laugh! So after we filmed PMZ at Fox 53, Melanie and I hid out in a staircase and waited forever for the scare!
"Who sat on me?" WATCH! Human Chair Scare Prank!Who says you can be a fool all month long? This is pretty good. I would probably beat that chair and kick it to the curb if it did this to me... just watch!

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