Study: Wi-Fi More Important Than SexThe results of the study may not be as surprising as they seem considering how the internet seems to permeate so much of our lives.
Dear Scott: I Am A Virgin. Should I Tell Her?
Dear Scott Email: When Should Girl "Watch A Movie" With A Boy?
Let's Talk... Phone or RelationsLet's face it ladies we're addicted to our phones. Even more now that women would actually choose their phone over having sex! 57% of women would rather have their phones than sex.
Bubba Show: S_x Degrees Of SeparationHere is a calculator that you can put how many partners you have been with, and through six degrees, how many people you have INDIRECTLY been with!
The Situation: Sex Or Super Bowl?If you could skip the super bowl… to have sex would you? The Overwhelming Majority of Americans Would Skip the Super Bowl to Have Sex!
Women would rather have chocolate over WHAT?Wow! Is this true? Women prefer chocolate over sex?
If You Had 15 Extra Minutes What Would You Do With It
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