"Sexy" Ken Bone Halloween Costume Already Sold OutYou can be sexy Ken Bone for Halloween, if you make your own!
Prince Harry Grew A Beard & Everything Is Right With The World (PICTURE)HOT DAYUM.
Demi Lovato's 'Cool For The Summer' VideoLooking SASSY & FABULOUS, Demi!
Adam Levine Is Bald Now (PICTURE)How does he remain so extremely sexy?!
Joe Manganiello's Brand New Poster For Magic Mike XXL (PICTURE)*heavy breathing*
Sam Smith's Boyfriend Is Hotter Than Yours (PICTURE)YOWZA!
Jake Gyllenhaal COMPLETELY Transforms Himself For Role In 'Southpaw'! (PICTURE)HOLY HELL! IS THAT YOU BOO?!
An 18-Year Old Channing Tatum Stripping! *heavy breathing* (VIDEO)YAS HONEY YAS!
WEBTASTIC: Sexy 'Frozen' Halloween Costumes Just Released! *Shakes Head* (PICTURES)Nothing is sacred anymore, that's obvious.
WEBTASTIC: Instagram Account Showcases 'Dilfs Of Disneyland'! (PICTURE)Hot dads + beautiful kids + amusement park= BEST INSTAGRAM EVER!
WEBTASTIC: Zac Efron Does 'The Wiggle', Women Of The World MELT! (VIDEO)Makin' sexy look easy since the beginning of time.
E's News: Luke Bryan Named People's Sexiest Man 2014People we have a new sexiest man aliveeee!!! And he's coming to the Burgh this summer baby!

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