Melanie Taylor Tries To Find The Alligator In The Mon Since She Lives In Belle VernonI'm not a believer. Although, I believe in aliens and spaceships and megalodon.
What Is NOT To Love About Fallon & Lip Sync BattleIt debuts tonight on Spike TV! Lip Sync Battle..another genius idea and show from Jimmy Fallon! Look here!
Bubba Show Lingerie Or Leave Him: Shannon & Shawn Get So AwkwardShannon assumes Shawn is cheating. Is she right when she confront her man LIVE on Bubba Show? Listen here.
Melanie Taylor's Father In Law & Michael Keaton Were In A Movie TogetherMelanie's fatherinlaw starred with OSCAR nominee and Pittsburgh native Michael Keaton in a movie! Look here! (Bubba has some competition..ha)
Bubba Show Lingerie Or Leave Him: Megan Confronts Alex Finally And It Gets BadSo Megan says that Alex was supposed to be away with his brother, but her friend saw him out with girls! Uh oh. Listen here.
Bubba Show: Lingerie Or Leave Him Brings 2015 In Craptastic For Mark & MaryannWell, not a good way to start the new year for Mark and Maryann. Not happy when things go this way at ALL! Listen here.
UPDATE On Tracy & John...They Caved And Played Scrabble...On To A New CoupleNorth Hills Bubba Show listeners Tracy & John have decided to give up playing SCRABBLE until Valentine's Day. Will they succeed. Tune in to Bubba Show 8:05 each week day to hear! Will they win that night out at Donato's?
Bubba Show: Lingerie Or Leave Him Flips The Tables 360 In A ShockerRay completely shocks Bubba, Melanie and Shelley and EVEN his girlfriend Cheryl. But, how when he was the one being accused of cheating? Listen here.
Bubba Show Exclusive: Christina Perri Talks O Starry Night, Love & TattoosO Starry Night performer Christina Perri talks about our show, her writing A Thousand Years in her PJ's and answers how many tattoos she actually HAS! Listen here.
Bubba Show Exclusive: Chris Jamison Thanks Pittsburgh For Making The Top 10 On The VoiceChris Jamison thanks YOU for voting him into the TOP 10 & he then talks about Adam Levine telling him he is proud of him and about how he looked SCARED and nervous on stage. Listen to it all here!
Bubba Show Exclusive: Dr. Oz Tells Bubba To Do What LIVE On Air???Dr. Oz asks Melanie to do something to Bubba on air today. She declined. So Bubba did it. OH MY! Wait till you hear what it was he made Bubba do. AWKWARD radio at its best!
Bubba Show Exclusive: North Hills Native Chris Jamison On "The Voice" TonightNorth Hills native Chris Jamison talks to Bubba Show about how YOU can help vote for him tonight for The Voice Playoff Rounds! Let's do this Pittsburgh!

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