Showbiz Smackdown: Beth From West Mifflin Wants That $100West Mifflin representing again today! Beth from WM takes me on for Showbiz Smackdown. Listen to the outcome here!
Showbiz Smackdown: Ashley From West Mifflin Plays TodayAshley from West Mifflin plays Showbiz Smackdown today. Did she win the $100 or win David Cook tickets?
Showbiz Smackdown: Does Christine From Baldwin Beat Melanie TaylorChristine from Baldwin really needed the $100 so she wanted to play Showbiz Smackdown. Did she beat me?
Showbiz Smackdown: Mike From Millvale Tries To Beat Melanie TaylorMike from Millvale tried to beat Melanie Taylor in Showbiz Smackdown today. Did he win? Men do KNOW their Showbiz knowledge too!
Showbiz Smackdown: 8.29.13 Joann From Bethel Park Takes Melanie OnDid I lose or win today? Bubba calls me "Melanie The MACHINE Taylor." Listen here. Joann from Bethel Park plays today!
Showbiz Smackdown 8-28-13 Tricia From Zelienople Takes On MelanieListen today to see if Tricia from Zelienople can beat me. Did she even get one right? Let's hear!
Showbiz Smackdown 8-27-13 Shana From Zelienople Takes On Melanie176-11 is the record I went into for the Showbiz Smackdown game today. Did I lose or win today? Listen here. Shana was awesome!
Showbiz Smackdown 8-23-13 Dana Takes Melanie Taylor OnWill today be the day that I lose? Showbiz Smackdown has been getting harder for me. Our listeners are getting tough! Listen here.
Bubba Show: Showbiz SmackDown 8-22-13The Showbiz Smackdown game continues and you can play! Are you ready to take me on 8:50am Monday-Friday! Let's do this!
Bubba Show: SHOWBIZ SMACKDOWN 8-21-13Did I win today? Showbiz Smackdown with my record today going into the game at 173-11. Only 11 total losses! Listen here now!

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