Son Surprises Mom With Family Trip To Disney! (VIDEO)He is setting the bar WAY too high for the kids of the world.
Paula Deen Under Attack After Offensive Tweet (PICTURE)This lady needs to just STOP.
Justin Timberlake Celebrates 1st Father's Day With ADORABLE Picture!As if JT could get ANY hotter, add a baby!
Parents Can't Keep Son Out Of Shower & Find Out Why (VIDEO)This is AMAZING-- where else is he going to practice?!
Soldiers Surprises Son In Picture Day Photobomb (VIDEO)SO MANY FEELS!
Carrie Underwood Debuts First Picture Of Son!My heart is MELTING.
Blake Lively & Ryan Reynold's Reveal Daughter's NameP.S. Their first child is a girl, just a heads up.
WEBTASTIC: Son Gifts A 1957 Chevy To His Dad On His 57th Birthday! (VIDEO)This amazing son has set the bar WAY too high for the rest of us!
Dear Scott Email: Catholic/Jewish Debate Divides Dad/Mom
Web Junk: Military Mom Surprises SonNow here is something that should bring a smile or tear! This Military Mom showed up at her son's basketball game and surprised him while he shot a few hoops! He hasn't seen his Mom in eight months!

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