All Of Paul Walker's CGI Scenes From 'Furious 7' (VIDEO)THIS IS NUTS! I would have NEVER been able to tell!
Starbucks Mobile App Eliminates Waiting In Lines (VIDEO)This sounds like a dream come true for those of us who like to overpay for coffee.
New App 'Companion' Lets Friends Virtually Walk You Home (VIDEO)Where has this been my whole life?!
There Are Now Jeans That Can Charge Your Phone (PICTURE)THE FUTURE IS HERE FASHIONISTAS!
The Lexus Hoverboard Is A Thing & It Looks AWESOME (VIDEO)Marty McFly would be SO proud!
New Emojis Coming In Update Including A TACO!And SO many more!
'Prynt' Case Instantly Prints Pictures Taken With Your Smartphone! SELFIE MANIA!In 30 seconds, you have a PERFECT 'Polaroid-like' picture. SIGN ME UP!
WWLOT: Drinking could save your life and the Tang inventor was a busy man! Read more here!
What We Learned on Twitter Today! (October 21, 2013)
What We Learned On Twitter Today! (October 17, 2013)
Ticketmaster Ditches Annoying CAPTCHA Verification Process

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