'Hunger Games' Theme Park Opening In AtlantaWith a replica of District 12? SIGN ME UP!
'13 Nights Of Halloween' Starts Tonight, Check Out The Schedule Here!WOO HOO!
Amy Schumer's Dirty 'Star Wars'-Themed GQ Cover (PICTURE)This is hilarious, I'm sorry, but it is.
Couple Throws Minion-Themed Wedding (PICTURES)That's...nice.
Dad Throws 'Playboy'-Themed Party For Teenage Daughter!SO. CREEPED. OUT.
Couple Throws Comic Book-Themed Wedding! (PICTURES)LOVE this idea!
'Little Mermaid'-Themed Wedding Is Both GORGEOUS & MAGICAL! (PICTURES HERE)LOOK AT THIS STUFF! Isn't it neat?!
The TV Theme Song Medley – AWESOME!

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