Supermom Gets Triplets & A Toddler Ready For Bed (VIDEO)There isn't enough wine in the world for me to do this.
Adele's 'Hello' Has Opposite Of Usual Reaction On Upset Toddler (VIDEO)It's IMMEDIATE.
Baby Sings Star Wars' 'Imperial March' In Crib (VIDEO)This is NUTS! She's so good!
Toddler Loses It When Dad Says She Doesn't Have A Boyfriend (VIDEO)"I DO HAVE A BOYFRIEND!"
Toddler Plays Hide N' Seek With Baby Gorilla At Columbus Zoo (VIDEO)They are having so much fun!
Baby Sees Parents Clearly For First Time With New Eyeglasses (VIDEO)THIS IS TOO MUCH CUTENESS IN 36 SECONDS FOR ME TO HANDLE.
'The Rock' Lets 2-Year Old Believe She is Pulling Plane (VIDEO)'You're SO strong!'
Dear Scott: Was I Wrong To Be Shocked By A 5 Year-Old Breastfeeding In Public?
2-Year Old Accidentally Gets Drunk At Texas RoadhouseYes, you read that correctly.
2-Year Old Sings To Ed Sheeran & Sam Smith (VIDEO)My kids better be this talented.
Toddler's Reaction To Hearing Mom's Voice For First Time! (VIDEO)That smile is contagious.
Web Junk: A Toddler's Reaction to the ColdThis 4-year-old explains exactly how we've been feeling about the cold!

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