Tony Lucca Reflects On 2012, Carly Rae Jepsen And Taylor Swift
Tony Lucca Admits He's Tired Of Hearing Holiday Music
Can Reality Show Contestants Win GRAMMYS? Tony Lucca Weighs In"I think Kelly Clarkson really proved herself to be a career-long artist. She really handled her early work with grace and still stays relevant and works with great people and gets songs consistently out there."
Tony Lucca Appreciates Adam Levine's Sense Of Risk"If it doesn't make you uneasy it's probably not worth doing."
Tony Lucca Says Adam Levine Is "Like A Bulldog""So far it's watching his competitive spirit rise to the occasion . . . he's going to be like a bulldog going after the best possible opportunities to help me succeed."
Tony Lucca On Blake Shelton: "He's The Most Hands On""If Adam hadn't turned around I was hoping that maybe Blake would have."
Bubba Show Exclusive: Tony Lucca Sings A Song About Christina AguileraTony Lucca from THE VOICE talked exclusively to Bubba Show today and even sang a song about Christina Aguilera. You gotta hear it!
Christina Aguilera Apologizes To "The Voice's" Tony LuccaXtina offered snippy critiques of her former Mouseketeer castmate all season long, leading to frustration for Lucca, who said he was "over it."
"The Voice's" Tony Lucca Is "Over" Christina Aguilera
EXCLUSIVE: Tony Lucca From The Voice Talks Christina Aguilera Tension From Last NightTony Lucca called into Bubba Show today after we got off the air to talk about his final performances last night and his real feelings on outspoken former friend and judge Christina Aguilera of The Voice.
Tony Lucca Is Now Upset With Christina AguileraTony Lucca from The Voice is speaking out now about judge Christina Aguilera being harsh to him. He is speaking out about her possibly sabotaging him on the show.
Tony Lucca Captures Britney Spears On The VoiceAdam Levine's group did well on The Voice last night, but it was Tony Lucca who was the talk of the performers. Lucca a former Mousketeer with Voice judge Christina Aguilera, did a rendition of Britney Spears' song "Baby One More Time". All three were on Mousketeers together as children.

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