Adele Touring The U.S.Adele is crossing the pond, rolling into the deep to make her way over to the states to tour!
Adam Levine Announces Maroon 5's North American Tour (VIDEO)Sweet, sexy Adam Levine...just marry me already.
The Spice Girls & The Backstreet Boys In Talks To Reunite For Joint Tour90s babies, REJOICE!
Paris Hilton Plane Crash Prank Is SO Wrong! (VIDEO)It is NEVER funny to allow someone to think they are going to die...EVER.
New Kids On The Block Post SEXY Gym Selfie (PICTURE)*heavy breathing*
'Selena The One' Hologram Tour Coming In 2018I have so many feelings and so many questions.
Bacon Festival Tour Coming To Pittsburgh Releases Location!OUR PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED!
The Rolling Stones Are Coming To Heinz Field This Summer!This is going to be the most epic summer EVER!
One Direction 'On The Road Again' Tour Setlist (PICTURE)So excited for August!
WEBTASTIC: Ariana Grande Coming To Pittsburgh In 2015! Ticket Info Here!Mini Mariah Carey in our city?! AWESOME!
WEBTASTIC: Demi Lovato Coming To Pittsburgh This Fall! Hey September 9th-- can you get here faster? I have some tunes I need to belt out PRONTO.

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