Name April The Giraffe's Baby BoyHelp name April the Giraffe's baby boy! The cameras are coming down soon too!
WEBTASTIC: Donnie Wahlberg & Jenny McCarthy's Wedding Album! BEAUTIFUL! (PICTURES)FLAWLESS! Congrats to the Wahlberg's!
E's News: Christina Aguilera is Prego!First comes love then comes an engagement, then comes well it might be a little out of order but Christina Aguilera is pregnant! Almost one week after getting engaged to Matt Rutler, US Weekly says Christina is expecting her second child.
Selena Gomez and Ed Sheeran are dating!
Is Jessica Simpson Expecting Baby Number Two?We try to figure out if the rumors are true and if Jessica is really eating for two.
Did US Weekly Fabricate Xtina's "Fat" Quotes?Comments from the singer on her weight surfaced, but how true were they?
Katy Perry & Russell Brand Heading For Divorce?
Pink On The Replay Lunch Today
Reports Beyonce Is Pregnant
Kim Kardashian's Avatar Looks EXACTLY Like Her
Elizabeth Taylor Getting Married Again!
Lindsay & Dina Lohan Reacted To Michael Lohan’s Engagement

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