'Vacation' Puts the Griswolds Back on the RoadGet ready to head down holiday road, because the Vacation franchise is being relaunched for a new generation
WEBTASTIC: Woman Spends $150,000 To Look Like a Caricature! WHAT?! (VIDEO)Sanity is a fleeting trait these days. *shakes head*
WEBTASTIC: Zac Efron's New Celeb Girlfriend?! SAY IT AIN'T SO! (PICTURE)Zac Efron off the market?! NOW WHO IS GOING TO BE MY HUSBAND!?
WEBTASTIC: Daughter Of Employee Writes Letter To Google, Company Responds! SO CUTE! I wonder if she would mind writing my boss a quick letter? Ya know...just in case.
Dear Scott Email: 12 & 13-Year-Old's Home Alone
Bubba Show: Shelley From Harrison City Vacation Day 2Shelley from Harrison City and her boyfriend and HIS family on vacation day #4
Bubba Show: Dysfunctional Family Vacation Day 2Shelley from Harrison City takes us on her Dysfunctional Family vacation with her boyfriend and his family! Day 2
Bubba Show: Dysfunctional Family Vacation Day 1Shelley from Harrison City is taking us all on vacation with her and her boyfriend and his family.
Rihanna Tweets Her European Vacation With Bikinis EverywhereShe's on a boat! With Magic Johnson! And is Chris Brown lurking around in the background?
Britney Spears Spotted Vacationing In San Francisco

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