Restaurant Accidentally Released Hysterical Notes About Its GuestsBeing a celebrity doesn't always mean being an above-average person. When they go to restaurants, they tend to act WORSE than any other guest, and these leaked notes are about to prove that.
Dad Takes Daughter on Adorable "Rollercoaster Ride"Father of the Year Award right here.
WATCH: Baby Maddie Waits For Bruno's Beat To DropHer rhythm is better than most adults!
Woman's Ex Still Sends Their Dog A Birthday Card Despite DivorceA modern love story at it's finest, folks.
Supermom Gets Triplets & A Toddler Ready For Bed (VIDEO)There isn't enough wine in the world for me to do this.
How To Lose A Court Case In Under 30 Seconds (VIDEO)Dumb and Dumber!
Sassy Little Girl Tells Dad Why She's NOT A Princess (VIDEO)'I HAS NO SPAWKLY HEADBANDS!"
Little Boy Has Adorable/Heartbreaking Reaction To Question On First Day Of School (VIDEO)He is SO cute, I can't stand it.
People Are LOSING IT Over Viral Math Problem! (PICTURE)And this was supposed to be for 14-year olds?! WHAT?!
Photo Booth Pregnancy Announcement! (VIDEO)His reaction? PRICELESS.
Little Boys Reaction When Asked To Slap A Girl (VIDEO)So young, so powerful.
WEBTASTIC: Ellen & Oprah RAP BATTLE! (VIDEO)Fierce women spitting fierce rhymes.

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