Dear Scott: How Do I Tell My Wife The Belly Shirt Ain't Workin' Anymore?I need your advice on how to tell my wife she needs to change the way she dresses.
'The Skinny Mirror' Makes You Look 10 Pounds Lighter In Dressing Rooms! WHAT?!One step forward, 10 steps back.
Melissa McCarthy Debuts 45-Pound Weight Loss! (PICTURE)45 POUNDS?! You go girl!
Missy Elliott Shows Off Dramatic Weight Loss! YOU GO GIRL! (PICTURE)Healthier and happier, atta girl!
Lady Gaga Now Says She's Been Battling Anorexia And BulimiaLady Gaga is again responding to criticism that she put on some weight with pictures of her in her underwear and revealing she has suffered from eating disorders. Check out the pictures here.
Top 10 Jams For Your Summer Workout

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