JLo Challenges Fans to Do Super Bowl Choreography on TikTok

February 20, 2020

Jennifer Lopez started out as a dancer, and throughout her career as a singer and actress she has always gravitated towards dance in her performances, including in this past Super Bowl halftime show, where she dazzled in a medley of her greatest hits.

Lopez wants to make sure that her fans keep the party going by launching the JLo TikTok Challenge, in which she’s asking people to show off their moves and follow along with her choreography from the NFL championship.

People of all ages and skill levels have been posting their versions of her routine, from small children in high chairs to adults in dance studios.

She’s shared some of her favorites on social media, check them out below.


You guys are so incredible! #OnTheFloor hit #1 on the Dance/Electronic Digital Sales Chart! These videos make me sooooo happy --♥️✨#JLoTikTokChallenge

♬ original sound - jlo

Lopez also took the opportunity to celebrate that "On The Floor" made it to the number one spot on the Dance/Electronic Digital Sales chart.


Yesssss! I love that you guys love this part just as I much as I do --✨---- #JLoTikTokChallenge #MiGente #LoveDontCostAThing

♬ original sound - jlo

Posting medleys of the many videos that were posted under the hashtag #JLoTikTokChallenge, Lopez said she was "obsessed" with the fans participating in the challenge.

She especially seemed to enjoy the videos of children breaking it down to her music.


You guys are showing up #OnTheFloor! #JLoTikTokChallenge --♥️----

♬ original sound - jlo

In one of the videos that JLo retweeted, Tiffany Chantell, a TV personality and former cheerleader for the New York Jets, joked that Twitter made her look flawless but the reality was three weeks of dancing and “getting yelled at by my hubby for making us late for every event while I nailed the shot!”

This isn’t JLo’s first dance challenge on the social media platform- she shared the routine for “On The Floor” on TikTok prior to the Super Bowl so that fans could dance along to her performance.

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