There Is A Shortage of Whiteclaw And I'm Not Ok

No laws when you're drinking Claws? There should be one that they can't run out!

September 6, 2019



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This may be the worst news since...well...EVER.

Looks like we're going through a NATIONWIDE SHORTAGE of White Claw!

You know it by laws when you're drinking claws? Ring a bell?

Everyone's favorite hard seltzer got a little ahead of itself. The company came out in a statement and said they could have never predicted the intense upward trend that would come with the Claw. It blew up faster than they expected and right now they are having a hard time producing it as fast as we are drinking it.

To that I say...GET IT TOGETHER WHITE CLAW! WE NEED YOU. And by we, I mean I...I need you. My summer bod will leave faster than humanly possible if I don't have a cold 100 calories hard seltzer in my hand on the weekend.

I give to you my favorite reactions tweets of this awful news...


We're all not ok.