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Kelly Tries: Hundred Acres Manor

Kelly Tries: Hundred Acres Manor

Welcome back to 'Kelly Tries', our weekly video series where I try weird foods/flavors of foods/adult beverages/and now HAUNTED HOUSES! This week, I took on Hundred Acres Manor Haunted House in South Park. I've been hitting up HAM for aboutttttt 10 years. This year was BY FAR the most insane I've... Read More

JuJu Smith-Schuster and his dog Boujee are on another level

If you run into JuJu Smith-Schuster off the field, he most likely has his best buddie, Boujee, by his side. If you don't know Boujee, get familiar with his Frenchie friend... we’re always having fun!! best dad ever!! always lit!!! -- A post shared by Boujee (@boujee) on Aug 15, 2018 at 7:06pm PDT... Read More
Justin Timberlake

JT Is Going To Collab With Some New People

Justin Timberlake was doing Daddy and hubby duty. Who can fault him with his great wife Jessica and adorable son Silas. Well, we have been wondering (I know I have big time) if Justin is done with music or if he will be coming back with some new stuff. Well, it looks like he will be coming back... Read More

Lay's Newest Chip Flavor Is Your Favorite Comfort Food

Tomato soup and grilled cheese are now a chip flavor. Lay's Newest Flavor Is Grilled Cheese And Tomato Soup, So It's About To Get Real Cozy 'Round Here — (@DelishDotCom) October 14, 2019 This is one "Kelly Tries" I think she'll like! If you come out with this... Read More
Singer-Actor Harry Styles in 2017

Harry Styles New Song Lights Up

Harry Styles dropped a new song with a video! Fans are ready, waiting and ALL IN. The song is called Lights Up! Enjoy it! This is what he posted on IG. LIGHTS UP. Out now. — Harry Styles. (@Harry_Styles) October 11, 2019 Here is the video! Video of... Read More

Kelly Tries: KFC Donut Sandwich

Welcome back to 'Kelly Tries', my weekly video series where I try weird/new foods/beverages before you so you don't waste your money! You may have gotten to this one before me and if so, I'm sorry about that. KFC decided to bring in donuts to their repetoire (why though...) and add them to their... Read More