This 7-Year-Old Started Peyton's K9s To Help K9 Officers

She's raised over $3,000 so far

June 5, 2019

So Peyton is 7 years old.  When she was 6 she woke up one day and decided she wanted to help K9 officers.  So she and her dad Sonny built a stand for them to sell sweet tea.  She sold sweet tea and raised $700!!!  

So then they decided when the weather turned cold to sell hot chocolate.  She then raised $2400!!!

Pause!  Do not lose sight of the fact, that this was started by a 6 year old!!!

Now with the support of her Mom Jessica and Dad Sonny they are trying to help the 50,000 K9 officers all over America with things like cooling vests, vet bills, training equipment etc.

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They also have a goal of getting on Good Morning America!!!  We created #GetPeytonOnGMA.  Feel free to Instagram and Tweet that out to GMA for them!!

Follow them on social media.  Here is their Facebook Page!

They were live in the studio for Bubba Show Get To Know!!!