America's Got Talent Ashley Marina Chats With Bubba Show

Pittsburgh's Ashley Marina Gets Through On AGT With A Song For Her Dad

June 17, 2020
Ashley Marina

When we talked to Ashley Marina from Kennedy Twp she couldn't say much about her June 16th appearance on American's Got Talent.  We had a gut feeling she may have made it through, but we didn't know.  

When she came out and told the judges where she was from Sofia shouted "That is where my husband is from, Pittsburgh!"

Well, she did!  She makes it through to the next round at age 12 with an amazing voice.  Simon Cowell didn't like her 2 song choices and asked her to come up with another one.  She tried backstage and downstairs on AGT, but didn't feel right about any of them.  So, she chose to sing a song she wrote for her Daddy called "You'll Always Be My Hero."

Judge Sofia Vergara loved it!  All the judges did.  They even said it was a Father's Day song and could be played at weddings too!

Here is what Sofia said on twitter about it.

Ashley will be hopefully coming back onto Bubba Show on June 19th for our Bubba Show breakfast to chat more.  

Here she is from our show yesterday: